Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paris Rainy Glow

Title: Paris Rainy Glow
Size: 20 x 24
Medium: Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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This painting has many layers of oil dragged horizontally for the wet reflective ground, with deep yellows and whites on the the surface. Details and edges were cut with edges of knife, paint scraped and removed for some detail and then again I added color in places with edges and drags of the knife. Brush work was added for sky and flowers. This painting has a bright happy feel to it, even if it depicts a rainy day.


Paris is a beautiful city and always fun to paint. Today we were in DC all day at art museums. We went to the National Gallery of Art, Phillips Collection and Hirshhorn gallery and it is so inspiring and amazing...there is so much to take in. Every time we go, I drag them to stare at the Monets and Renoirs and Van Goghs...all my favorites. The Phillips Collection has a couple of my favorite Degas and the best Renoir...Luncheon of the Boating Party. Some of my favorite master painters were french so often I am inspired to paint France and it's beautiful cities and landscapes.

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