Friday, May 28, 2010

Birch Tree Splendor

Here are a few photos of two of my favorite landscape paintings that were recently purchased from a great couple, (Thank you Ann and Vic!) and I love how they look in their home so I wanted to share. She chose a gold frame for each with linen liner and hung them at eye level and not only do the frames enhance the artwork beautifully but they look great with her decor as well!
Title: Birch Tree Splendor
Size: 9 x 12
Medium: oil on stretched canvas
I realize not everybody has huge walls and sweet little paintings like this one fit just about anywhere, turning a plain boring little space into a focal point. Teals, blues, greens and golds in the background and the black and white textured trunks in the foreground will want to make you reach out and touch them! Click to enlarge to see!
We had a big thunder storm last night and I just love when the skies open up and make that amazing noise. Maggie the dog hides under the bed.

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