Thursday, May 6, 2010

Red Tulips

The Iris in my yard are in full Bloom! I promise to paint them soon!

Azaleas are just finishing their peak bloom near the door on my patio, surrounded by beautiful. Our landscape in Las Vegas will look so bleak in comparison I'm sure! Maybe I will cultivate a great cactus garden, never can tell. I am going to miss this garden though!
We have about seven weeks until we move....50 days actually. I'm starting the count down now. Only one more month of painting, at least painting in oil. In the month of June I will probably just work in acrylic because the oils need many weeks to dry. After we move, I'll switch back to oil. I think I would have serious withdrawals if I stop painting totally!
SOLD at Arlington Arts Gallery

Title: Red Tulips
Size: 12 x 24
Medium: oil on stretched canvas


I love the rich colors in this Spring Painting! Thick cad reds and golds with just touches of teals and favorite.

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