Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Orleans Streetcar

Title: New Orleans Streetcar
Size: 20 x 24
Medium: oil on stretched canvas
THE PAINTING: I love this streetcar painting so I decided to put it back on auction. For the people that admired it but were afraid of my store price, here is your chance to bid on it. I enjoy painting New Orleans in bright colors and palette knife textures, impasto (wet on wet) in rich buttery oil. Someone today asked me why I paint in oil instead of acrylic and I said, "Once you've had a really great wine, it's really difficult to drink three buck chuck!" I just love the way a great oil paint moves on the canvas....there's nothing else like it.
We are getting ready for our big move across the country to Las Vegas soon.
I'm used to these military moves since we have moved about 15 times in 20 years, but honestly I've lost count. I don't mind moving that much, it's kind of fun and exciting. I've never been to Vegas so it will be interesting. Cleaned out all the closets and am finishing up with all my big commissions this month. I have about 5 weeks to go until we move so I'm starting to count down. For me it's all about when do I have to stop painting so that the paintings will be dry enought to put in the car when we move. I think early June I have to stop so if you have a commission wish....send it soon!
Thanks for checking in.

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