Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Hydrangea Blues

Title: Summer Hydrangea Blues
Size: 16 x 20
Medium: oil on stretched canvas
I love contrasts of color, so playing warm orange/reds off against cool blues is just fantastic. Because the colors compliment eachother, they become more powerful, and extreme texture and broken color makes the painting unique.
I'm having a wonderful time with color lately, so much in fact that I am painting a new series of ABSTRACT paintings, I mean VERY ABSTRACT paintings, some acrylic and some oil and some using both that I will be ready to show in the coming months. The beauty of abstract art is that is all about color and movement and form. Pure and from the moment, and can never be duplicated or copied. Unbelievable freeing and fun.
I think for many people an art purchase can be a big here are some tips I tell my collectors:
1. Mood. What mood are you looking for in the space? Artwork can be energectic, impactful and the focal point of the room, or it can be a subtle complement to the the room, the choice is yours.
2. Either way it should make the space feel complete, and give the room a lift!
Designers help their clients select artwork which sets the mood of the room and has all the colors that work with the's really pretty simple.
3. The artwork should make you feel good, and should be a reflection of you! There is no right or wrong, if it's the right piece for your'll know it!
4. FILL YOUR HOME with art you love that is a reflection of your personality.....and hopefully some of it will be mine!

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