Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bellagio Italy Twilight

Title: Bellagio Italy Twilight
Size: 20 x 24
I just posted this one on Etsy tonight....I love this place and wish to go back one day! In the meantime I'll paint it and hope it inspires you or at least brings a smile! Painted in warm, vibrant colors and lots of palette knife texture.
I have less time to paint lately since our daylight hours are so short but it's the time of year to bake holiday cookies and watch movies like...It's a Wonderful Life by the fire! I've seen it a thousand times but every time he gets his ears boxed by the old pharmacist I cry like a baby. And at the end when he finds Zuzu's petals I cry some more.
Life is so short and so wonderful...enjoy your holidays with your family and thanks for checking in with me this evening!

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