Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Strutting Rooster

This little guy measures 6x6
painted in oil
He's just the right size for a rooster lover's stocking!

Title: Strutting Rooster
Painted extra thick and with bold color! I love his proud stance!
Available for purchase
I've sure enjoying wrapping up all the paintings in lovely holiday paper and bows and shipping them off the past few weeks! A special work of art is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.
Wishing you all the best! I'll leave you with some bits of wisdom:
Don't sweat the small stuff! (advise for myself)
Hug your loved ones. (twice)
Remember to give thanks for all your many blessings in your life!


  1. Hi Karen, I found you by accident (make that a lucky accident) on EBay. I was searching someone & pushed the wrong button and Grizzly Fishing came up. I was hooked - that is my kind of painting! I love your fishing scenes, roosters & red shoes - and so many many more. I just couldn't leave without telling you what an enjoyable time I've had looking at all your galleries. The must unusual finding is you have different art on all the sites. Most often, everything can be found in one place - Kudo's for making me search to see as much as I could find! I signed up as a follower and will definitely watch your work now. I paint - wish I could say I'm an artist - but I'm not. But art is my passion and I am always looking - economy prevents me from collecting :(

  2. Ohh I love to hear that you are an art fan....thanks for following!


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