Friday, September 19, 2014

Original oil paintings Wild Horses, Football and Rain Girls by Karen Tarlton

Into the Light
Like ghosts these beautiful creatures move effortlessly and I love painting them.
This one has a soft and more ethereal feel.

 Facing the Storm
This was painted for a collector specifically to use
for a poster for VaGirlsSummit at George Mason-
girls are stressed out and feel the need to be perfect and this painting
hopes to show them facing the world head on and says "you are doing enough right now" in bold,
colors and strokes of paint.

The Running Back

Well each of these has a unique story.
Football has been in the news a lot lately and on my T.V. as my husband is a huge fan,
and I don't much understand the game but I do appreciate the athletes and always
seem to see a potential painting in just about everything.

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