Thursday, April 25, 2013

Original oil painting Lion by Karen Tarlton

 Lion portrait
A lot of sad, and horrible things happened all around the world. There was a horrible explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. The lives of 15 people were lost, and hundreds of others had their lives changed forever by tragedy.  Strange sink holes popping up across the country. There  was a magnitude 6.6 earthquake which killed 188 people in Yuxi, China. On April 15th, two homemade bombs exploded within feet of the finish of the Boston Marathon killing 3 people and injuring almost 200 more.
Sad events make it tough to see good that's out there, but we have to work extremely hard to remember that the reason life is so precious is because of all the good and beautiful things that we human beings are capable of.
It is out there and goodness always prevails. Even in any disaster or attack there are amazing heros that run into the bombing to help others any way they can and it's these acts of kindness that we remember.
These wonderful things were happening before and they continue to happen, and they will happen.  Nothing, not disasters, not Nature, and not terrorism, can prevent us from always seeking to make the world a better and more beautiful place for themselves and for future generations.

For my part, I offer if nothing else, visions of joy, whimsy and beauty, in the hopes of uplifting spirits in some way or even just bring a smile when you glance at your computer screen.

Thanks for looking :)


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