Thursday, January 10, 2013

Original oil painting The Lion by Karen Tarlton

The Lion
Another new animal inspiration!
So grand this animal.....must be painted thick!
I've had inquiries lately about frames so here's  few tidbits on the topic:
Go with your style:  I love the French and rather shabby chic style, so I love a weathered gold frame, with or without art in it! This lion would be handsome in an elegant antique gold frame.  
Like a great black dress,  gold is truly timeless !  
Also always hang your art, framed or not, at eye level. People shouldn't have to crank their necks up to see it floating up near the ceiling. And by that I mean slightly taller than my eyes, so at about 5'10" or so.


  1. Hello,I see your all painting all are awesome but the Italy,Hillside of Flowers is the best painting in all, I apreciate your work.
    Custom Oil Painting

  2. Hi Jacky, Thanks so much for the note! I love Italy too. I'm so happy you are enjoying my work!


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