Monday, September 17, 2012

Barnyard Animals original oil paintings by Karen


Rooster is yet available
but the first 2 are recently sold

Remember when you were young and you openend a brand new box of crayons?  I used to love the smell of the fresh pack and cherished the moment when the crayons were yet pristine, unbroken, and all in neat little rows.
I still feel that way everytime I open a new tube of oil paint. Can't wait to squeeze a big dollop on my palette and begin dragging and swirling my knife with the rich, creamy oil.
 I think art keeps us young at heart. Maybe that's why my work seems to get more and more whimsical with each passing year. I actually am getting older though  :)

All of these are sized 12x12
And a sweet plein air black frame is available for an additional cost.
  The possibilities of what you could do with that box of color seemed limitless. 

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