Friday, August 10, 2012

6x6 Rooster and Flower paintings by Karen

 Regal Rooster Dance

 I just shipped the last two little 6x6 roosters off to a collector!
I'm enjoying painting these litte gems and more are on the way.
Let me know if you have any suggestions for new small works.
I always love to hear your ideas ;)

Spring Flowers

When I paint or draw

I keep my mind’s thought-garden 

Completely free of self-doubt-weeds.

The Artist in me has three  
Faithful, sleepless    
And self-giving friends:
A newness-eye, a oneness-heart
And a fulness-life.
The heart of my Art      
And the heart of a child
Are extremely fond of each other.
They love each other deeply;
They need each other constantly;
They are interdependent, sleepless

              ~Sri Chinmoy


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