Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poppy Field Forever by Karen Tarlton - Original oil painting


It is 
with great pleasure
 that I painted red poppies
 dressed up
 in my favorite smock
 with a flower tucked
 just so
 behind my ear.

  We just moved to our new home and the first thing I did after we finished unpacking is....... 
PAINT a few new paintings.
The second thing was go to the beach.
And the third thing was begin planting in my garden!

The bed above has the brand new hydrangeas I hope get big one day.
 This is the beginning of the hummingbird garden.

 This is the brand new herb  garden!

And the Italian inspired path.....California and Italian seem to go together nicely don't you think?

Today's painting! I finished it after I finished working in the yard. I think I need to add much more red to my garden to attract more hummingbirds.  Maybe next week.
This painting is still very wet so won't list for awhile, but contact me if you are interested.
Poppy Field Forever

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