Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beach time and Poppy Fields by Karen

Poppy Fields

Whether it's the glow of  the sun on the field
or the vines growing in the old stone building, ...
it's all good.  
It's all Italy!!!

After painting today we took a little break!

 Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the setting sun
holding hands and reminiscing
how it all begun 

Our lives are so crazy busy,
We actually forgot that it was our 23rd wedding anniversary last week!
It's ok we'll celebrate today instead.
 Being a bit of a workaholic
Sometimes I have to be reminded by my husband seated in the above photo.....

Pause to go out for a breath of fresh air.
Remember to stop and smell the roses
Take time to walk Barefoot in the Sand...

 We took a break from the hectic business of moving into a new place.
The pace of everything we do is sometimes overwhelming and there's nothing like a bit of 
BEACH TIME  to put life in perspective!
(Ok just an hour or two but we needed it)

Painting this guy tomorrow I think...

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