Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Autumn Landscape painting by Karen Tarlton - Original modern impressionism fine art in oil

Autumn Reverence

I am not one to settle on one particular theme or even style as you know.  I love landscapes from my plein air painting days.  Mostly palette knife but a bit of brush work here and there on this one and it has quite a plein air feel. Many layers of color and quite a stunner I think.

I believe an artist should learn many styles and tools of painting. Some feel they should limit themselves to just brushes or the knife in order to maintain a consistency of style. Many of the great masters of past and present disagree, and so do I. I do think it's a good idea for a beginning artist to paint exclusively with a brush for a time (a period of years perhaps) and then exclusively with a knife for a time. In my case, that period of time painting with a knife has turned into aboout 15 years now. Every now and then I'll use both, but I am in love with this versatile instrument....the palette knife!

I enjoy how the knife completes a painting!  Hope you enjoy!

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