Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunflowers and Rain

Title: Sunny Sunflowers
Super thick impasto oil!
Love this one and loaded the paint thick, just how I like it! Silver, grey background really shows off the brilliant gold sunflowers, which are set off by the striking blue vase.
One of my favorites!

Title: Romance in the Rain
Size: 16x20
Another thick impasto oil!
Colorful abstract background makes a great backdrop for my romantic couple.
I hope this one inspires you, or just brings a smile!
I would love to paint one of these just for you...please email if you would like a special rain painting!
So busy lately...time just flies. I've been thinking a lot about the disaster in Japan and it's so sad. It makes you remember to appreciate your loved ones and all the simple things in life. Fleeting moments are precious and it goes so fast with out busy lives.
Live, love and laugh often!

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