Monday, March 21, 2011

A few more finished commissions

Megan's 24x24 Fancy Rooster
This painting originally was a little 6x6 size
Making him much larger was so much fun!
It's the same square shape so dimensions weren't an issue...just a lot more paint!!!

Judy's 20x24
Romance of Roses
Just love red roses....if you like, there is another similiar one available in my Etsy store now.
Listening to my daughter Kayla practice the violin and I'm thinking tomorrow I need to paint another violin girl. It's been awhile and I'm missing figure painting a bit. I hope you have time to scroll through the vast array of paintings I've created and sold. I don't ever keep any of them very long and I really don't get to attached. I just love painting them and sending them off to a loving home! Hope you find one!

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