Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out of the Blue

Yes these two paintings were painted by me! Sometimes I think I'm a bit schizophrenic because I can't decide on definite style.....abstract, realism or impressionism. I just enjoy the variety and constantly moving on to a different style and genre keeps me inspired. The above painting is available on my eBay auction tonight or can be purchased directly out of my Etsy store for those of you who don't like the whole auction thing.

Title: Out of the Blue

Size: 20 x 24

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Contact me for purchase or see my Etsy store!

I love this one and wonder what you see in the blur of colors and textures. This painting can be hung vertically like shown or flipped to be horizontal.

Don't forget you can .....Click to enlarge!

Working on some more abstracts this week and also some more, almost abstract but not quite, impressionistic pony paintings! I will be finishing a series of very small horse paintings...6 x 6 to put in my Etsy store soon.

thanks for checking in!

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