Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fresh Cut Roses

the Pink roses in the back are from my beautiful Virginia garden. I'm already working on growing some great roses here in keep checking in!
Title: Fresh Cut Roses

Size: 20 x 24

Medium: Oil on stretchced canvas

Beautiful pops of vivid reds, pinks and yellows in rich impasto oil!

Inspiration: Love of Roses! I love growing this flower, cutting it and arranging them. If you need any tips on growing roses, I've been growing them all over the US for the past 20 years and have become a bit of an expert.

Here are a few tips:

Roses love Sun!

They love to be cut back and after a bloom you should cut it back to the first 5 leaf you see and cut at any angle for more blooms!

Douse in soapy water to kill afids or get ladybugs!

Plant a banana peel under the roots to give your plant a potassium boost!

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