Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Colors of Times Square NY

A tiny little 6 x 6 Abstract Equine painting! Available on Etsy as part of a new summer sale and tiny painting series!

Title: Colors of Times Square NY

Size: 18 x 24

Medium: oil on stretched canvas


One of my favorite places and scenes to paint. Blurry because this is the way I see at night, poor night vision, and because I love thickly textured, and slightly abstract images. It's modern and colorful and full of life like Times Square, its inspiration.

Going on eBay auction but will be available on Etsy too, if you would rather buy it now!

Working on some abstracts too.....I'll post when I get a few more completed! I've been thinking about my love of abstract. I think some of it is that it really is pure emotion. I have two teenage daughters and I think painting is helping me vent....painting therapy!

Thanks for checking in!

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