Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vineyard Perspective

Title: Vineyard Perspective
Size: 24 x 30.....Large
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas, sides painted
I revisited this vineyard painting for a few more hours and added another layer of color and now I absolutely love it. If it doesn't sell on auction, I will put a higher store price on it because I really do need some great paintings in my new house here in Vegas!
I recovered from my "unpacking 300 boxes in 2 days" nervous break down and took the day off unpacking to paint today. Painting makes me so happy! I've missed it and even surrounded by boxes and chaos in this half unpacked house, I'm much less stressed out today.
I'm working on a commission and some great new paintings to list on eBay so keep checking back.
Thanks to all of my collectors for putting up with the move. Things will be back to normal soon!

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