Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hawaii Sailing in Paradise

One of my collector's sent this photo of her commissioned painting hanging in her dining room. Thanks so much for the photo. I always love to see how your new paintings look in your home! It looks fantastic on this wall color and I love the wide gold plein air frame....classic and elegant!

Title: Hawaii Sailing in Paradise

Size: 20 x 24

Medium: oil on stretched canvas


Listing one of my favorite summer tropical paintings on auction for a great price. Rich and thick and colorful. This painting was a dream to paint and since I am always yearning to sit on the beach and listen to the surf, this painting is about as close as I can get for awhile!

What I wouldn't give to be there right now!


Packers come start tomorrow! I will be taking many paintings in the car with me when we go next week, proper care and movement of my paintings is a priority. Oil paintings travel just fine though. We've moved so many times I lost count over the last 20 years...maybe 17 moves now, and I've never had one painting damaged in a move, knock on wood!

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