Monday, March 15, 2010

Italy Vineyard Glow

This painting was an inpiration from my last trip to Italy. Sort of a culmination of many images of this vineyard in my mind. I took hundreds of are a couple.....and the vineyard was beautiful. We stayed at Musella vineyard for 3 nights so I could photograph, do some pochades (small on site painting studies) and of course do some wine tasting!!!!

Title: Italy Vineyard Glow
Size: 24 x 30
Medium: oil on stretched canvas
available on eBay auction starting tonight!

I look for awhile at my photos and draw out the composition, then I put the photos away and paint. I paint from my memory, which is much more colorful than my photos. I don't look at photos for color; they tend to be greyed down and flat, but they capture the perspective of the vines, the rolling hills and form of buildings and trees. Once the sketch is done, the fun begins with layers of rich oil color, working dark to light and lean to fat as in my plein air style. I love a great vineyard a glass of a great red wine...devine.

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