Monday, February 8, 2010

Venice Window Detail

Title: Venice Window Detail SOLD
Size: 11 x 14
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

When I traveled to Venice recently, I took hundreds of snapshots and many were of the great old buildings and especially the window. We stayed in a 500 year old house on a small canal in the Jewish getto and it was fantastic. Unbelievably old and with so much charm....I fell in love. Like a window to the past so I love to paint it. Old brickwork and shutters with rich thick oils and I felt like a mason creating it. It is just the right size to hang anywhere.

TODAY still no school, so kids are home and it looks like we are getting another foot of snow tomorrow on top of the unplowed three feet we already have! Arlington isn't prepared for this kind of snow. Fortunately I have a four wheel drive Ford so I can make it to UPS no worries here!
Paintings will be shipped snow or no snow!

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