Friday, February 26, 2010

Tuscany Italy Chianti Vineyard

Me on our last Italy trip....ready for winetasting in the 500 year old building behind that ancient olive tree to my left. What a beautiful vineyard we stayed at!


Title: Tuscany Italy Chianti Vineyard

Size: 16 x 20

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas


I love to paint a vineyard and I used a brush and a knife and all my favorite landscape colors on this original. Light and shadow are captured with warm highlights on top of cooler colors, and I love to use a brilliant cobalt blue sky with the warm colors of hills and vines. The complimentary colors next to eachother like the red and green in the vines appear brighter because they are alongside eacher.

Italian vineyards are just beautiful and so full of color, they just call to be painted.

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