Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Provence Sunflowers in Sunshine

Title: Provence Sunflowers in Sunshine
Size: 16 x 20
Medium: oil on stretched canvas
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This piece has many layers of cad yellows, and lemon yellows and really has a warm feel. The painting is layered thicker in the forground with warm colors so the cooler background colors are set back for depth and added dimension. It finally stopped snowing here and hopefully we'll see some of this sunny weather soon!!!
Art thoughts: Remember when selecting a frame, if the painting has mainly warm colors choose a warmer frame like gold, dark gold or brown. If it has cooler colors (blues, lavenders, winsor green tones) choose a cool frame like silver or black. Black can sometimes work well with warm colors too. This painting looks great with gold, dark gold or black.

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