Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rain Tapestry

Title: Rain Tapestry
Size: 20 x 24...large
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
see auction for purchase.....

Pure rich and viscuous oil paint pulled and dragged across the large canvas in big much fun. I love painting these modern city rain people and when doing so I get quite an arm workout. Between painting and tennis I don't need the gym! I used my favorite rainy color pallete of blues and greens and added a pop of red with her bright red umbrella for a focal point. I hope you enjoy!

We actually had about 7 inches of snow yesterday and taking photos of paintings out in the snow has its challenges! It is just lovely though, a crisp and clean white blanket on everything. Snow is always inspires a weather painting.
We found out we're moving "again" this summer. I've lost count but it has to be over 16 moves in the last 20 years. This time we go to VEGAS! We're all getting excited about it, as stressful as it is to move, it has its advantages. I'm looking forward to having a new, and freshly organized house. Now we just have to find one!

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