Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jazzy New Orleans Glow

Title: Jazzy New Orleans Glow
Size: 20 x 24
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
contact me for more purchase information or see my auction tonight!
This painting is fresh off the eisle and still wet, so if you buy it now, it's yours but you'll have to wait some for it to finish the drying process. It will take another week to fully oxidize. I painted this one too thick for my own good, but I really love that texture! I used lots of bright yellows, golds and reds and many layers with my favorite little palette knife for beautiful broken color and details. I hope you check out some of the zooms!
Thanks to all of you who contact me with wonderful thoughts and emails with ideas for paintings. I always love to here what you are interested in, and odds are, I'll paint it and put it on auction for you to buy at a value.
I've been listening and because of your requests, in the coming month I will be painting as many cityscapes as I possible. You'll be seeing more NY, San Francisco and New Orleans for sure. Keep your requests coming!
email me anytime!

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