Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birch Tree Tapestry of Light

Title: Birch Trees Tapestry of Light
Size: 30 x 24
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

going on auction tonight!

I love to watch people look at my paintings. At the recent gallery reception, I could see people look at one, walk towards it with a hand outstretched, ready to touch and then quickly pull the hand back. I see it time and again and understand the urge to want to touch because it has grooves, bumps and crevices that you just have to feel! It really is alright to touch them. Oil paintings are tough as nails and very hard to damage, so be my guest. I decided to put a lot of time into this lovely landscape, so it has an amazing amount of texture and the birch tree bark does actually feel like bark.
This is one of my favorite landscapes in awhile! This piece has layers of palette knife work and intricate brushwork and I know it will make a wonderful showpiece for somebody's living room! Hope you enjoy.

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