Thursday, October 22, 2009

Violin Solo

Title: Violin Solo
Size: 24 x 30
Medium: Oil on canvas and mixed media
See eBay auction tonight for purchase...opening bid will be $160
This original oil is large and heavily textured with oil and palette knife, yet has delicate brushwork and detail. Painting women in elaborate gowns is crazy fun. After painting a few smaller violin women for an art show, I decided to paint this larger one and get extra creative with some musical sheets varnished into the painting, floating about. I also used a bit of gold paint for some extra sheen.
I listen to my daughter practice her violin almost every day and just bought her a gown for her performances. I can't wait and will probably cry when I see her play. I've painted many violin women but this one was extra fun. It's always good to push aside "what should be" and paint what is in my mind. Here I see the music dancing in her head before she plays and she looks a bit nervous, but you can find your own story.

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