Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is a photo of the house we rented in Venice. It was lovely 400 year old house off a quiet canal in the Jewish getto. I took this photo to show you our clothes line! There are no air conditioners or dryers in Venice, so everyone has a clothes line. It is so much fun to use and I think lovely to see towels drying in the sun, so we had to use ours too!
Title: Italy Flowers
Size: 16 x 20
Medium: Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
This painting has multiple layers of paint and I let it dry imbetween a few. I used palette knife on most of it and added oil color to foundation white for lots of thickly textured and aged looking walls which is lots of fun...I feel like a mason when I paint these scenes. And of course I added the clothes line, the charming flowers, and a cat.
My Italy trip is and will inspire many many paintings. I think I took over 700 photos and my mind is still whirling with images I want to paint so many more to come.
This painting will be on eBay auction for purchase soon!

Here is our oldest daughter and my husband on our first night here in Venice. Right next door to our house was a little Trattoria with some great pizza that we frequented. I highly recommend!

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