Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old Mill Pasadena, CA

Title: Old Mill Pasadena
Size: 12 x 16
Medium: Oil on ray mar plein air panel


This painting was done on location in Pasadena and is one of my favorites, and I have since painted it multiple times in the studio. I toned the canvas a few days before in honey colored oils with a knife and smoothed to a fine surface. I set up in the morning in the courtyard looking at the old Mill and drew out the composition quickly in burnt umber and brush, putting in dark and light values with bits of umber and blue in a water-color like process so it would quickly dry. Then I applied layers of color using thick and thin paint to create broken color. The building was actually finished with a palette knife, as were some of the vines. I tried to capture the relationship of the colors in the spot, but I always push my colors a bit because I love to make it mine.

Contact me to purchase this one or one like it.


The beautiful place itself. Pasadena CA is very pretty and this particular building looks like it belongs in Italy. Just had to paint it.

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