Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay

Title: Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay
Size: 20 x 24
Medium: Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Contact me for purchase information, or check out my auction.

PAINTING: This painting has so many layers I lost count. I started with an abstract acrylic underpainting. When it was dry I looked at it and saw tree shapes and decided to exaggerate them into this. I layered oils thinly with a brush, scumbling in darks and lights, then applied heaviery paints with a palette knife. I might have gone a little heavy on the white which takes awhile to dry so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it dries before the end of the auction.

INSPIRATION: I grew up about 15 minutes from this lake, in a small town called Floriston on the mountain. I've lived and visited lots of places, but Tahoe makes me cry, it is just so so beautiful. a Emerald Bay is one of the most pictoreque spots on the lake. Hope you enjoy.

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