Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Key Bridge Glow

Title: Key Bridge Glow
Medium: Oil on linen
Size: 20 x 24


This original oil has many layers of paint on fine linen. Linen is delicious to paint on, but expensive so I reserve it for special paintings. I used both a brush and a knife on this but started with a brush. I developed the composition slowly with layers of dark colors scumbled on so that shapes emerge. I leave some areas white that will be highlighted. I then added layers of color and detail. I ended this painting with some heavier knife work in highlighted areas.
I have painted this bridge dozens of times from various angles. Because it is only a few miles from my house I see it often and it is a beautiful site. This is a view from Georgetown that I love, especially at dusk when the light glows.

Contact me for purchase or find at Cosi's restaurant in Arlington in September, where I will hang a solo show.


If you have ever driven over or under this bridge you know what a site it is. It connects Arlington to DC and it is beautiful piece of architecture.

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