Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Sunflowers

I never tire of painting sunflowers. I could paint them everyday and never become bored. The beauty and power of the simple Sunflower is a thrill to capture, especially alla-prima. I love the expressive, stuctural quality of this flower and it calls to be painted in vibrant color and descriptive texture. Even a still life like this one requires color to be used as a dominant tool, and I always cut flowers from my garden to arrange so I can work directly from life.


This morning I went to a cute little art gallery that recently opened down the street to see if the owner wanted to display some of my work. She chose several but especially liked the Sunflower paintings so this one may or may not make it to auction.

I also volunteer in the local rose garden park down the street and next to it is a butterfly garden. Everyday when I walk my dog, Maggie, to the park and see those flowers, they inspire a new floral painting of some sort.

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